SriTrims, a pioneer in garment accessories for 27 years, provides high-quality trims to global manufacturers. Based in Hong Kong, China, with regional offices in China, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, we're trusted by renowned brands like CK, M&S, Next, and Zara.

Our advanced manufacturing plant in China is the core of our operations, allowing us to produce a wide range of products. We're proud of our Okeotex and ISO 9001:2008 certifications, which guarantee the safety and quality of our products.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is a key advantage, offering no minimum order quantity, no sample charges, competitive prices, and no mold cost. Our high-quality, eco-friendly products reflect our dedication to sustainability.

Total Solutions for Garment Accessories

With 27 years of experience, Sritrims Far East supplies garment accessories globally from our base in Hong Kong, China. We specialize in unique trims and are certified by Okeotex for product safety and ISO 9001:2008 for manufacturing standards.


"Our mission is to revolutionize fashion by linking suppliers worldwide, empowering designers, and ensuring quality, diversity, and sustainability. We prioritize customer satisfaction and community impact for global prosperity."

"Connecting Cultures, Elevating Styles: Uniting the World through Fashion Excellence."