"Preserving Earth's future, one eco-conscious decision at a time"



Sritrims Far East Ltd. focuses on sustainable development in the clothing industry, creating high-quality garment accessories with minimal environmental impact. They continuously seek new ways to improve sustainability and are committed to creating a cleaner, healthier planet for the future..

Environmental Initiatives

At Sritrims Far East Ltd., we are deeply committed to environmental sustainability. Our production methods prioritize eco-friendliness, utilizing energy-saving technology and materials like cotton, jute, shell, coconut, wood, corozo, horn, and bamboo, all responsibly sourced. We aim to minimize our environmental impact and ensure a healthy planet for future generations.

Certifications and Compliance

Sritrims Far East Ltd. is committed to strict industry standards, exemplified by certifications like Okeotex and ISO 9001:2008, which highlight our focus on quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. Our adherence to these certifications assures customers of our compliance with international environmental standards, showcasing our dedication to sustainable practices. By maintaining these certifications, we ensure that our products not only meet but exceed global customer expectations. Choose Sritrims for high-quality, environmentally responsible products.

Social Responsibility

At Sritrims Far East Ltd., we prioritize social responsibility, ensuring fair labor practices and ethical sourcing. We partner with suppliers who share our values to uphold workers' rights and dignity.

At Sritrims Far East Ltd., we support local communities and workers' welfare through education, healthcare, and vocational training programs. We aim to empower individuals and enhance livelihoods, fostering sustainable economic development and social equity. Social responsibility is a cornerstone of our corporate ethos, guiding us to create a better and more equitable world.

Our Sustainable Product Range

Sritrims Far East Ltd. offers a diverse range of sustainable garment accessories, crafted with eco-friendly materials and processes. Our products prioritize quality and style while minimizing environmental impact. By choosing our accessories, customers can confidently make a positive choice for the planet.