"Our company provides many services to help our clients work together smoothly. We are committed to making our customers happy by giving them personalized assistance. Our team is always ready to answer questions, offer guidance, and find solutions quickly. Whether you need help with orders, products, or technical issues, we aim to help you promptly and reliably. We also focus on being transparent and communicating clearly to build trust. Our goal is to support our clients in achieving their garment manufacturing goals efficiently."



At our garment accessory factory, we prioritize quality. Our products are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and ISO certified, guaranteeing they're safe and meet global quality standards. This reflects our commitment to providing top-notch, safe products while focusing on customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.



At SRITRIMS, we promise exceptional service for our garment accessories. Our experts are committed to exceeding customer expectations, addressing individual needs, and resolving any issues. We value customer trust and strive for long-term relationships by delivering outstanding service and high-quality products.


Our company works with leading firms like SGS, BV, and ITS to test our products rigorously for quality, safety, and compliance. This ensures our garment accessories meet high standards and exceed expectations. We prioritize precision and accuracy in testing to maintain the trust of our global customers.



When ordering a garment accessory, you can choose your shipping method, like standard or international, with costs and delivery dates displayed. After processing, your package is given to the carrier, and you can track it. Depending on the method, you may need to sign for delivery. Feel free to contact us with any shipping questions..



At SRITRIMS, our garment accessory customization process begins with selecting the product and design. After providing your design to our team for approval, customization begins, which may include printing or embroidery. Quality control is maintained throughout the process to meet your specifications. Once completed, the customized accessory is packaged and shipped to you.